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Whale Watching in Vancouver, BC

I recently returned home from an amazing trip to Vancouver, BC and Seattle, WA. Most of the trip was outdoors and we had excellent luck with the weather. It was first and foremost a personal trip, so I stuck to taking iPhone photos, if at all. But I thought it essential to bring a camera

Selects from Thailand

As mentioned last week, I was just recently able to start sorting through the remaining photos from our trip to Thailand back in January. Since travel photos and groupings can be so open-ended, I’m still working on it! But in the meantime, I’m going to keep this post purely visual again with some of the

Bangkok: Wat Pho and the Grand Palace

On the days that we weren’t at the jackfruit farm during January’s trip to Thailand, Dan and Nicole (of Upton’s Naturals) and I had plenty of time to spend in the city of Bangkok. While the photos from the main purpose of the trip, the jackfruit farm and factory visit, are long finished, I still

Thailand Jackfruit Farms with Upton’s Naturals

If you’ve been following Upton’s Naturals social media and my blog, you know that they recently launched two new jackfruit flavors, and that we were in Thailand photographing at the jackfruit farms! There is a major difference between young and ripe jackfruit that must be noted: young jackfruit is unripe and not at all sweet,

Bangkok: Day

I recently finished up the Upton’s Naturals photos from our trip to the jackfruit factory and farm, and I’m just starting to organize the rest of the photos from Thailand in my spare time. That could take a little while, so I’m putting together smaller albums and posts in the meantime. We had a few

Sneak Peek from Thailand!

I just returned home from Thailand at the end of the week and I’m getting back into a routine, and delving into the many photoshoots! If you’re just jumping in to the blog right now (welcome!), Upton’s Naturals and I traveled to Bangkok, Thailand last week to visit some photograph some jackfruit in its natural

Traveling to Thailand!

Hello! I am going to keep this one brief: Upton’s Naturals and I are currently headed to Bangkok to spend the next week in Thailand finding some jackfruit trees, eating Thai food, adventuring in the city, and enjoying the weather! And of course, taking lots of photos of all of the above to bring home.