Coffee and bread

Good morning! Unsurprisingly (since interiors are one of my favorite types of photoshoots besides food!), one of my other interests is design: interior design, styling, and reviving vintage furniture. I’ve been working on several home and furniture projects around the house lately, some new, and some secondhand furniture rescues. Living in a small space, I’ve

Pi Day Pie Photography

The weekly blog post is a day early this week to celebrate Pi Day! I rounded up some of my favorite pie-identified photo subjects from the past couple of years to share a selection of pie recipes and photos. If you want to try your hand at one of the recipes, but aren’t much of

Thailand Jackfruit Farms with Upton’s Naturals

If you’ve been following Upton’s Naturals social media and my blog, you know that they recently launched two new jackfruit flavors, and that we were in Thailand photographing at the jackfruit farms! There is a major difference between young and ripe jackfruit that must be noted: young jackfruit is unripe and not at all sweet,

Bangkok: Day

I recently finished up the Upton’s Naturals photos from our trip to the jackfruit factory and farm, and I’m just starting to organize the rest of the photos from Thailand in my spare time. That could take a little while, so I’m putting together smaller albums and posts in the meantime. We had a few