Instagram Curation #3: Cats

It’s a busy week of catch up, so we’re keeping this week’s blog post lighthearted with an Instagram curation* of the internet’s favorite thing. You know, cat photos. Pets are my work-from-home buddies, so they often end up on Instagram. I also offer pet photography services for your companion animals, as part of a family

Instagram Curation #2: Old Fashioned

For the second Instagram Curation, I’m focusing on Old Fashioneds. The Old Fashioned is a drink that often ends up in front of my camera, and in front of me, and therefore, the Kelly Peloza Photo Instagram. Before the photos, it’s only fitting to include a recipe with this post. Mixology purists will tell you

Instagram Curation #1: Coffee

I just started the Kelly Peloza Photo Instagram a couple of months ago, but it’s quickly becoming my preferred social media platform for KPP (it only makes sense, as a photography business)! I’ve been using the Instagram account to post finished projects, behind-the-scenes photos, day-in-the-life photos, and the occasional cat video. Just for fun, I