Upton’s Naturals Jackfruit

A few months ago I finished up a recipe development and food photography project for Chicago-based meat alternative company Upton’s Naturals. They manufacture a line of seitan products and recently launched a line of pre-cooked and seasoned jackfruit products. I posted the seitan recipe photos I made for them in an earlier blog post, and

PDN Taste Contest Entries

PDN Magazine holds several photography contests each year in a variety of categories such as portraiture, still life, and food. The contests are judge by creative directors and photo editors from well-known trade magazines and publications in each category, and winners receive a cash prize, gift cards, and a spread in the magazine. This year

Upton’s Naturals Seitan Photos

Just in time for lunch: a food photography post! Over the past couple of months, I’ve been doing some recipe development and food photography for Upton’s Naturals, a meat alternative company based here in Chicago. The West Town factory manufactures a line of seitan, recently opened a restaurant, and just launched a line of jackfruit.

Instagram Curation #2: Old Fashioned

For the second Instagram Curation, I’m focusing on Old Fashioneds. The Old Fashioned is a drink that often ends up in front of my camera, and in front of me, and therefore, the Kelly Peloza Photo Instagram. Before the photos, it’s only fitting to include a recipe with this post. Mixology purists will tell you

Instagram Curation #1: Coffee

I just started the Kelly Peloza Photo Instagram a couple of months ago, but it’s quickly becoming my preferred social media platform for KPP (it only makes sense, as a photography business)! I’ve been using the Instagram account to post finished projects, behind-the-scenes photos, day-in-the-life photos, and the occasional cat video. Just for fun, I

Behind the Scenes of Mad Men Food Photography

After seven seasons with Don Draper and Sterling Cooper (and its subsequent reincarnations), tonight is the series finale of Mad Men. The show is leaving us in the beginning of the ’70s after taking us through the history, politics, and style of 1960s. Mad Men was so conceptually and visually rich, and offered so much