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I’m so happy to announce SHOP | kelly peloza photo‘s very first holiday fundraiser! This year, I’ve teamed up with The Sweet Bunny Project, a Chicago-area non-profit that places rabbits in foster and forever homes, and uses artwork to raise money and awareness for local shelters. Sweet Bunny is one of the many smaller organizations that relies on community support to keep up and running, so any and all donations make a huge difference to the rabbits in Sweet Bunny’s care and the organization itself.

The Sweet Bunny Project was founded in 2012 by Brian Duda to raise awareness about rescue rabbits, educate about proper rabbit care, and raise money for local shelters through artwork and fundraising. Three years later, The Sweet Bunny Project is educating and fundraising on social media and local events, and adopting out rabbits to forever homes. Brian’s bunny family has also grown with the addition of many foster (now adopted!) rabbits.

This year, a portion of ALL purchases made through SHOP | kelly peloza photo during the holiday season will be donated to The Sweet Bunny Project. Cookbooks, greeting cards, prints, zines, and more…bam! Money to bunnies.

Full disclosure: I am one of the non-profit board members for The Sweet Bunny Project, so I know how much these donations can help! My involvement with The Sweet Bunny Project is on a completely voluntary basis (no compensation, monetary or otherwise, is involved) and this fundraiser was 100% my decision.


We Heart Bunnies!

A holiday fundraiser for The Sweet Bunny Project

This holiday season, SHOP | kelly peloza photo is donating a portion (at least 5%, plus additional donations!) of all online and local November and December 2015 sales to The Sweet Bunny Project, no promo code or action required on your end. You also have the option to donate an additional dollar amount to The Sweet Bunny Project before adding an item to your basket, with one click.


P.S. Please place orders before December 12th, 2015 to ensure holiday delivery!

I’m using the language “at least 5%, plus additional donations.” That means at the very least, 5% of sales will go to The Sweet Bunny Project but if, when I’m doing the math at the end of December, 5% plus additional donations doesn’t seem like a significant amount of money to donate, I’ll increase the donation amount. But no matter what, the donations will be at least 5% of November/December 2015 sales plus any additional donations customers added to their purchases.

Start shopping for the bunnies:


Before you add any item to your basket, you can add an additional donation to The Sweet Bunny Project with your order with one click, in the amount of $1, $5, $8, $15, or $20. You can do this for each item in your basket, just one, or none at all (and at least 5% of your purchase will automatically be donated to The Sweet Bunny Project, no promo code needed!). The price of your item will increase by the donation amount.


All additional donations are greatly appreciated, and each dollar counts toward food, shelter, foster expenses, spay/neuter costs, transportation, and more for bunnies in need! We’ll be promoting the fundraiser on social media for the remainder of the year, and would love your support! You can download the “We Heart Bunnies” graphic to share, along with this post. We (and the bunnies!) really appreciate your support!



…about the fundraiser? Email Kelly at

…about The Sweet Bunny Project? Email Brian at

Thank you!

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