Instagram Curation #3: Cats

It’s a busy week of catch up, so we’re keeping this week’s blog post lighthearted with an Instagram curation* of the internet’s favorite thing.

You know, cat photos.

Pets are my work-from-home buddies, so they often end up on Instagram. I also offer pet photography services for your companion animals, as part of a family photo session, or by themselves! Based on temperaments and likes/dislikes, cats do best with in-home photoshoots that they get all to themselves, and dogs could go either way and would also enjoy an outdoor portrait session. Send me an email if you are interested at Lilith (below) approves of this message, and can school everyone on smizing.

*See previous Instagram curations, coffee and the Old Fashioned!

Lilith says email Kelly if you would like to do an in-home photoshoot with your cat or animals of any species! Yes, she is saying all of that with her eyes.

I sifted through the Kelly Peloza Photo Instagram account and picked some of my favorite cat photos for this post, which include iPhone and camera photos, kittens just hanging around, travel photos of cats, and some cats from one of my favorite local shelters, Tree House Humane Society. Enjoy!

??? #cats #cat #petphotography

A photo posted by Kelly Peloza Photo (@kellypelozaphoto) on

Happy August/#Caturday from Bert! #cat #cats #petportraits

A photo posted by Kelly Peloza Photo (@kellypelozaphoto) on

Met this little guy at @spiderhouseparties earlier this week! #cat #vvc2015 #vidavegancon

A photo posted by Kelly Peloza Photo (@kellypelozaphoto) on

Have a good week! I would really like to hang out with you and your pets for a photoshoot sometime.

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