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Hello and welcome to the very first post of the Kelly Peloza Photo blog! I am Kelly Peloza, owner of Kelly Peloza Photo and Chicago-based photographer. I focus on food styling and photography, product photography, portraits, and interior photography.

This is what my face looks like. Also, a camera.

I have been blogging since 2006, mostly about food and photography, and currently run the vegan food blog Seitan Beats Your Meat. I started my first blog 9 years ago to write about recipes and share photos. Here is a photo from that blog. I probably would not have encouraged the person who took that photo to pursue a career in photography, but here we are. Find something you’re really bad at and work really hard to be less bad at it.

About This Blog

I’d like the blog to be more than a platform to share finished projects and a quick note about the projects, which is all well and good, but not super interactive. I’d rather focus on publishing a variety of content that photographers, prospective clients, and anyone interested in photography might actually want to read.

While I will be sharing Kelly Peloza Photo news and select certain projects to feature, I’ll spend the rest of the time posting about what goes into projects behind the scenes, the cool stuff other creatives are working on, the cool stuff KPP clients are working on, my thoughts on photography and the industry, what I’m reading, the photographers I love following, projects to support, quick photo/styling tips, and more.

Probably not too much in terms of camera or equipment review. Some cameras and lenses are better than others and some do more or less things than others, yeah? There are already tons of great sites out there for researching camera equipment like DPReview or PDN, and browsing through B&H.

About My Work

Vegan-Cookie-ConnoisseurOne of my first photography jobs was for a cookbook called The Vegan Cookie Connoisseur with Skyhorse Publishing, after working a on blog about vegan cookies with the intent of turning it into a book. I published and photographed a second cookbook, Cheers to Vegan Sweets, with Fair Winds Press in 2013.


I graduated from Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design with a BFA in Photography and a minor in Writing. After that, I started doing more freelance work, worked part-time as a baker at Upton’s Breakroom, and eventually worked 9-5 at an advertising agency. I took care of administrative work, archived photos, and retouched photos for major ad campaigns. After leaving that job, I stepped up my game to find a new full-time job, or other opportunities. More freelance work started coming in, so I rolled with it and formed Kelly Peloza Photo.

These days I run the day-to-day administrative and business stuff of Kelly Peloza Photo and make photos for magazines, start-ups, small businesses, restaurants, food companies, and interior designers. My work appears on client websites, social media, and blogs, and in print and digital publications. Most of my work is for commercial or editorial purposes, but I occasionally work with individuals to create photos for personal use (like business cards, or portraits). I also work on my own fine art photography projects.

I love variety and hate sitting still! Some days I’m shooting a portrait for a magazine, photographing products for an Etsy shop, or creating recipes and photos for a food company. Others, I’m documenting a designer’s work for their portfolio, or shooting a community event. The rest of the time, I’m working on post-processing, said administrative stuff, blogging and social media, and learning as much as possible. I’m also totally right-brained and Type A, so this works well.

Social Media

I’d love to hear feedback about what you’d like to see, learn, or read about in future posts. You can reach me via email, post a comment below, or connect on social media:

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And since getting started is the hardest part, I’m going to close my eyes and hit “publish.”

Until next time,

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