Pi Day Pie Photography

Lemon Meringue Pie [recipe]
The weekly blog post is a day early this week to celebrate Pi Day! I rounded up some of my favorite pie-identified photo subjects from the past couple of years to share a selection of pie recipes and photos. If you want to try your hand at one of the recipes, but aren’t much of a baker (or if you just don’t have time!), I’d suggest making a graham cracker crust pie and using a pre-made crust. Pie crust styling and design can be an art form in itself, and perfect for anyone with all of the patience in the world! Someday I will venture beyond a simple lattice crust…

And as always, all recipes are vegan-friendly.

Peach Pie with Cinnamon and Cardamom [recipe]
This peach pie was part of the Mad Men blog project over on Seitan Beats Your Meat. It’s filled with cinnamon and cardamom-spiced peaches.


Oreo Cheesecake with Speculoos Crust [recipe]
Oreo cheesecake is technically a cheesecake, but it’s pie-shaped, so I’ll let it slide. This cheesecake/pie is chock full of chopped Oreo bits, and topped with dollops of marshmallow fluff.


Salted Key Lime Pie [recipe]
If you like your margaritas with salt, a salted key lime pie will show you exactly what you’ve been missing in every other key lime pie you’ve ever eaten. This pie is slightly creamy, tart, and a sprinkle of salt with every bite.


Mini S’mores Pie [recipe]
What’s better than full-sized pie? Mini pies! Then you get an entire s’mores

pie to yourself. The crust is made from graham cracker dough (like the stuff you’d use if you were making graham crackers from scratch), the filling is a ganache/pudding hybrid, and they’re topped with toasted marshmallow fluff.


Whether you’re baking pie, buying pie, or just scrolling through pie photos on Instagram, Happy Pi Day!

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