Videos receive more engagement on social media than photos, text, or any other kind of post. If you are a food brand or food blogger and are not yet posting recipe videos, now is the time to start using video to increase traffic, revenue, and followers.

Creating recipe videos is time consuming and there’s a learning curve—let me do the work for you. I specialize in vegan/plant-based cooking and baking.

Details & Deliverables

Recipe videos are 45-60 seconds long with a title image, steps filmed from overhead with text overlay of the ingredient names (and amounts, if desired), and on-brand design elements added in post production. After reviewing the first draft of the video, I’ll make edits, and you’ll receive your video in the following formats:

  • One 16:9 (landscape) video delivered in HD 1080p
  • One 1:1 (square) video optimized for Instagram and Facebook
  • Option to add a vertical video for Instagram Stories and Pinterest video pins


Recipe video rates are a base flat fee determined by the complexity of the recipe (“levels”) plus the cost of ingredients (besides the basics like cooking oils, spices, salt, flour, etc). The rates include filming and post production. Bulk rates are available for commissioning 4 or more videos at once.

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