Sneak Peek from Thailand!

I just returned home from Thailand at the end of the week and I’m getting back into a routine, and delving into the many photoshoots! If you’re just jumping in to the blog right now (welcome!), Upton’s Naturals and I traveled to Bangkok, Thailand last week to visit some photograph some jackfruit in its natural habitat, check out production of Upton’s new seasoned jackfruit products, and adventure around the city of Bangkok. It will likely be a little while before all of the photos are ready to share, but here are a few to get started!

Young jackfruit! This one is still a little too small to use as a meat alternative because we didn’t visit during peak harvesting season, but the farmers wanted to show us a jackfruit right off the tree.


We took lots of jackfruit (and product photos and portraits) all over the farm. There were some jackfruits that fell off the trees that we incorporated into photos. Jackfruit oxidizes extremely quickly, so you’ll notice that the stem on this one is brown, rather than bright green.


We saw so many animals on the streets of Bangkok and approximately 64.5% (a made up figure) of them were wearing clothes! This is Tiny Kitten who was hanging out at the lunch tables at Wat Pho, the Temple of the Reclining Buddha, where we spent an afternoon.



We had an amazing time in Bangkok and I can’t wait to share the rest of the photos!

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