Upton’s Naturals Seitan Photos

Just in time for lunch: a food photography post! Over the past couple of months, I’ve been doing some recipe development and food photography for Upton’s Naturals, a meat alternative company based here in Chicago. The West Town factory manufactures a line of seitan, recently opened a restaurant, and just launched a line of jackfruit. I’ve been posting a teaser shots of some of the recipes on Instagram, and am excited to share some of the final photos!

All of the seitan photos and recipes are finished, so here are some of my favorite photos. Keeping the Upton’s style in mind, I made photos with a minimal, modern look, adding a touch of texture with wood grain, scattered garnish, or a bold accent piece. The links above some of the photos will take you to recipes. You can find other recipes over on Upton’s recipe page.

Chick and Waffles

This is a vegan version of chicken and waffles, including seitan bacon, a pat of vegan butter, and a drizzle of real maple syrup.


Cornmeal-Crusted Chick Seitan

This one is remarkably similar to Shake ‘n’ Bake.


General Tso’s Chick

Saucy chick seitan and broccoli over brown rice, garnished with sliced green onions.


Pesto Lasagna

This lasagna is filled with fresh pesto, Italian seitan, cashew ricotta, and vegan mozzarella.


Bacon Cheddar Biscuits and Gravy

Sunday morning brunch!


Chick Seitan Thai Curry

“How to make a bowl of orange curry look appetizing in a photo.”


We’re wrapping up the jackfruit recipes this week, so look out for more recipes and photos coming soon!

Now let’s work on your food photography project!

This project included recipe development and food photography for Upton’s recipe blog, but I offer a variety of food photography services to brands, restaurants, and publishers to fit each particular need. Please get in touch at kelly@kellypelozaphoto.com so we can start planning your next campaign!

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