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Unsurprisingly (since interiors are one of my favorite types of photoshoots besides food!), one of my other interests is design: interior design, styling, and reviving vintage furniture. I’ve been working on several home and furniture projects around the house lately, some new, and some secondhand furniture rescues. Living in a small space, I’ve made a point to make many of these pieces multi-functional.

One of my recent favorites is a window seat that started as a beat up toy chest covered in thick green and red paint. After removing all the paint, and refinishing the piece, it’s now in much better shape and functions as a storage chest. Since it’s a window seat, it offers some prime backlighting for photography, and some lush, natural vignetting, giving the subject a dreamy, ethereal look.


I’m loving the color and sheen of the wood, and it makes a gorgeous background for food photography. Underneath all of the paint, the sides of the chest were a mahogany color, and I aimed to recreate that look on the top, which was made from scratch with a piece of wood cut to size. I put down a coat of rusty red oil-based wood stain, then layered on different shades of water-based wood stain to get the right color. Everything was sealed with a water-based polyurethane. I’ll post photos of the whole thing at a later date! Still choosing some pillows and textiles.


The warmth of the surface complemented the bright lime greens in this Key Lime Pie shoot for Honest Cooking a couple of weeks ago. You can find the pie recipe over on Seitan Beats Your Meat.


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